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    Blacksmiths from 1914

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Thanks to long experience, Carpenteria Camillo Mastronardi, blacksmiths for four generations, is a dynamic company, ready to satisfy the customer’s productive and financial requirements.

The main goal of the company is to provide high quality products and services with an excellent quality/price ratio.

The company’s workshop is in the verdant Mugello area at Scarperia, in the province of Florence.

Our company complies with the following technical regulations to guarantee features (size, performance, environment, safety):

  • Mark CE
  • Corten, Jansen, Secco, Foster.
  • UNI 11001-1 UNI 11002-1 UNI 11002-3, UNI  EN 10025
  • UNI EN ISO 1461
  • UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2013
  • ISO EN 287

Working and machinery at the workshop

Punching and cutting: punching sheet metal using shears 3 metres long; single-headed manual punching machine, numerical control punching machine with 14 revolving heads, hydraulic presses of various kinds and tonnage and 2 belt saws, one manual and the other controlled;
•Bending/calendering: bending sheet metal by using 2 numerical control press brakes with maximum 3 metres working area, calendering of sheet metal, tubular and section bars using 2 calendering rollers;
•Welding: MIG-MAG welding with help by welding robots through robotic island, TIG welding with operator and electric pointing using pointers with oscillating pneumatic arm, fixed or mobile;
•Burning/shot blasting: metal burning for paint stripping and/or cleaning the surfaces of any metal object using gas pyrolithic kiln. Automated shot blasting to clean metal surfaces by using automatic rotating table shot blaster;
•Various services/processing:
•Packaging profiles of any kind using automatic packaging machine;
•Introducing threaded inserts by using various air guns;
•Introducing self-connections of any kind by using pneumatic press provided with every accessory for correct installation on any surface;
•Installing electro-welded EM using welding gun.
Also, in order to deliver a finished product, we can count on collaborators for processing such as laser cutting of tubular sheet metal, painting, galvanic treatment of every kind, milling and turning.
•We work on the customers’ drawings, they do not have to be in .dwg format, what is important is that they show all the elevations needed for working.


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